Waiyaki Way, Nairobi

Design Response

Often described as a ‘green city in the sun’, Nairobi features two dense rainforests within its city limits and a number of parks. The city’s built environment is characterised by a number of towers rising above the otherwise horizontal landscape.

Our design concept for the dramatic 22-storey office building at Waiyaki Way responds to this backdrop, and showcases verdant vegetation all the way up the tower from base to top. This vegetation creates an elegant and visually fascinating shape, twisting around the structure as it rises into the upper floors, and providing visual interest from multiple orientations.

A generous and lushly green entrance lobby sits at the base of the building, while office space on the floors above feature green break-out zones providing amenity and solar shading. A dramatic food and beverage area at the top of the building offers spectacular views across the city.

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