Sustainable Hotel for Heathrow

Dexter Moren Associates submitted plans for their most sustainably designed hotel to date into Hillingdon Council last week.

A key feature of the hotel is its double skin facade which will enable passive solar control and acoustic protection from its location under the flight paths. Louvers strategically placed to relate to the sun paths will be utilised to minimise heat gain and reduce the demand on air conditioning.

Zoe Tallon, architect at DMA states “our aspirations were to design a unique hotel that would passively reduce initial energy consumption. We propose to augment these natural systems with active methods such as ground source heat pumps and solar thermal collectors to create an exemplary sustainable hotel.”

The building is composed as a “donut” type volume arranged around a central atrium space and directly relates to the site constraints of green belt and nature conversation land, occupying the left over space available within the site boundaries.

A unique facade treatment has been built up from the layering of four separate elements and will feature an inner & outer skin, vertical louvers and horizontal walk-on brise soleil. The inner skin incorporates “punctured” bedroom windows surrounded by aluminium metal panels with a reflective arboreal pattern to subtly reference its location and add depth. The outer skin features a larger leaf pattern as a screen print effect building up depth and complexity. Again the pattern reflects the natural setting. The glass skin envelopes the east, south and west elevations where the effects of heat gain are most prevalent, facilitating the low energy performance and acoustic control.

The project will provide 290 rooms along with associated bar, restaurant and conference facilities.