Richmond Hill Hotel refurbishment gets underway with completion of sample room

The first stage of Dexter Moren Associates’ refurbishment to the Richmond Hill hotel has been realised with the completion of a model room. With efficient space utilisation at the core of this project our Interior Design team have harnessed the opportunity of re-designing guestrooms to create better spatial perception without unnecessary demolition. This has been achieved through the use of joinery & glass partitions to demarcate bath & bedroom spaces without the need for partition walls. The quality of each guestroom has been further improved through the enclosing of small balconies to create feature internal bays which can accom­modate desks. Referencing the concept for Richmond Hill, interior designer Savita Kalia said “We wanted to reflect the countryside come to life in the city. We have incorporated playful features such as a modern stag graphic as well as minimalist forms to represent city life”. DMA are completing the Richmond Hill Hotel refurbishment for Kew Green Hotels.