Mandeville Hotel set for expansion

Dexter Moren Associates are delighted to have been appointed to work with The Mandeville Hotel to submit plans for expansion. Located in the heart of Marylebone, this high-end luxury hotel provides 142 bedrooms, 6 suites, and a unique Penthouse, with award-winning cuisine at the deVille Restaurant and the deVigne Bar. DMA’s proposal will look at extending and remodelling the tower to address the hotels prominence from Marylebone Lane to increase and improve their bedroom offering.

The Mandeville Hotel originally consisted of individual townhouses that were home to the London elite. What is now home to the deVille Restaurant used to be home to Sir Paolo Tosti, an Italian musician, who was the singing master to the Royal Family in 1880. The building was later converted into a hospital which, during the Second World War, was crucial to wounded airmen. Years later, the building became a hotel owned by the Grand Metropolitan Group and was a budget-friendly option for travellers coming to experience London from all over Europe. Operating under private family ownership, in 2005 The Mandeville underwent an extensive refurbishment program to relaunch as a leading contemporary, boutique-style property in London.