Green Light for Sustainable Heathrow Hotel

Dexter Moren Associates has secured planning consent from Hillingdon Council for a new 200 bed hotel along the Bath Road. Designed for Skyport Enterprise it represents DMA’s most sustainably designed hotel to date.The 14,000m2 hotel sits within a green belt and nature conservation area and is planned over five levels.

A key design feature of the hotel is its sustainable characteristics. This is reflected through all aspects of the design. The hotel comprises a double skin facade which enables passive solar control, reducing overheating in the summer and minimising heat loss in winter. The sustainability concept is continued through the incorporations of technologies such as CHP, ground source heat pumps and PV panels. Rain water recycling and extensive landscaping to the hotel gardens will enhance biodiversity and furthers this design approach.

Dexter Moren, director of DMA states “our aspirations were to design a unique hotel that would passively reduce initial energy consumption. This will be augmented with active methods such as ground source heat pumps and solar thermal collectors to create a truly sustainable hotel.”

The outer skin of the hotel features an intricate pattern of leaves and branches to express the hotels green credentials and add complexity and depth to the design.

Looking out towards the green belt the eastern elevation introduces large scale terraces and expanses of glazed curtain walling which softens the boundary between the hotel and adjacent environment.

The project will provide 200 rooms along with associated bar, restaurant and conference facilities.