DMA’s certified PassivHaus Designers

In our 30th year in practice, we are as committed as ever to designing and building beautiful and sustainable buildings. To take a step further in gearing up for a carbon-neutral future, two of our staff, Anna and Bryan, have recently undertaken training to design buildings that use considerably less energy to operate than modern buildings, without compromising on occupant comfort. This is also known as designing to a Passive House standard.

Passive House is a voluntary standard designed to build ultra-low energy buildings. Its principles include a range of approaches for undertaking new-build and refurbishment projects that balance the energy they absorb from internal and external sources (gains), with the energy that leaves through building fabric (losses). The Passive House approach leads to time and cost savings by developing robust, high-performance and often simpler building details that are easier to build. This ensures buildings stay warm and cool throughout the year without requiring conventional heating and cooling methods.

Anna Hanson, Senior Architect at DMA and a Certified Passive House Designer: ‘We are looking at a number of projects where clients have the opportunity to specify Passive House principles. Including these principles in our design from the earliest stages will be a big step toward reducing negative environmental impacts from construction and building operation.”

Another recently certified Passive House Designer, Senior Designer, Bryan Oknyansky added: ‘The journey to certification has equipped me with a lens and set of tools through which to see and design buildings – small and large, across sectors – that use less energy than you’d expect from buildings that meet current regulations and planning policy standards for energy performance.’

DMA are excited about working with our clients to implement Passive House principles in designing buildings that get, and stay, ahead of the evolving landscapes of carbon neutrality and climate change. Get in touch with Anna and Bryan to learn more about how DMA can lead the design of your certified Passive House development.