DMA designs new Ibis hotel for London’s Trocadero

Dexter Moren Associates’ design for a new 600 bed Ibis hotel will form a key part to the redevelopment of London’s Trocadero and composes the bulk of the development recently submitted for planning.

Sitting atop a third floor transfer deck, the seven upper floors will house the new hotel, whilst the lower three floors will provide a mix of retail and leisure.  DMA’s design concept achieves the maximum bedroom efficiency by orientating the hotel around a series of internal courtyards to avoid a detrimental interface with the retained listed and historic facades.  This also creates an appropriately quiet bedroom environment.

Entry to the hotel will be via a glazed lobby on Shaftesbury Avenue where three passenger lifts and an accommodation stair will take guests to the reception on level two. This level will also feature an associated lounge, bar and restaurant to accommodate 360 covers.

Dexter Moren, director of Dexter Moren Associates states “This is one of the largest new hotels proposed for London and creates an appropriate use of a prime location site that has languished for many years”.