Dexter Moren’s Hotel Design Jazzes Up Regal House London

Skyscraper news reports on DMA’s design for a new Travelodge near Twickenham Stadium.

Dexter Moren Architects has designed this new hotel in Twickenham in the London borough of Richmond Upon Thames that squeezes every little bit out of a site for an existing office building.

Developed for Morley Pooled Pensions Limited, the architect has taken Regal House, a long 10 storey sixties office building called Regal House, and created an in-fill development at one end of it that effectively book-ends it.

The location of the proposal in Twickenham is key to the feasibility of the 111 room hotel. It will stand only a short distance from the English national rugby stadium and provide some much needed accommodation.

The design of the proposed elevation along London Road is aimed at matching the existing office block with the spacing of each floor matching those of Regal House although vertically it breaks up the long horizontal lines of its close neighbour.

To add some real differentiation, Dexter Moren has penned the scheme to appear most architecturally creative when viewed from Twickenham Station that relates to the nearby housing by stepping down to that level.

With vertical recesses for windows, the architect has gone for khaki tones to add a splash of colour to the overall white of the plans with a mixture of square coloured tiles that are muted shades of yellow, cream, and green.

With other comparable office blocks in and around the capital, and indeed across the United Kingdom having similar opportunities for infill development, it just goes to show you don’t need to completely demolish or reclad a sixties monstrosity to add a bit of interest to it – just stick a well thought out modern extension on the end and you can breathe some new life into it.