BIM is just the beginning

BIM is just the beginning 

by.Giuseppe Cadeddu & Matthew Sturley 

At DMA we love technology and the value it enables us to deliver to all project stakeholders.

Undertaking projects within a 3D environment by adopting Building Information Modelling (BIM) processes together with our arsenal of 3D tools is just the beginning. BIM allows us to provide our clients with the most immersive design experience, increase the positive impact on the overall project performance and outcome, and to maintain efficiencies across all disciplines involved in our projects.

We have integrated BIM across architecture and interior design, and across all work stages, from concept through to project delivery with great success. By working in BIM from early stages, we are able to quickly revise and adapt the model at each design iteration in line with our client’s requirements.

By working in BIM from early stages, we are able to quickly revise and adapt the model at each design iteration in line with our client’s requirements.

Some of the technology we employ enables us to view and navigate, in real time, a photorealistic 3D prototype of the building and surrounding environment. This enables our client to undertake streetscape and solar studies, and improves design reviews. It allows us to view exactly what the consequence of any changes are as they’re being made from all different perspectives.

Additional benefits are derived from the finished model, which the client can use to forecast the cost of running and maintaining the building. This can help inform the building’s sustainability and any potential changes to improve it’s performance through the design.

In the last year DMA have been developing and adopting rigid protocols for the integration of our interior design into the Revit platform. In doing this we are increasing efficiencies in coordination and output of information. With the deployment of the real time rendering software we will be able to view the interior design within the model as we are designing, giving a greater scope of optioning both fit out and colour schemes.

Through our Virtual Reality tools and software, we are able to give clients an opportunity to view a digital prototype of their building to gain an idea of the space. We are investing in hardware that will allow us to showcase the model to clients and allow them to experience and appreciate the building digitally at a 1:1 scale, and to explore their future asset as if they were physically present.

In the nearer future we plan to utilise this software to give clients an opportunity to review mock-up rooms and public spaces before they’re built in order to save time and costs.

One of the many advantages we have is our dynamic structure which gives us the ability to implement change and evolve as a practice, and we are able to quickly embrace and adapt to the constantly evolving digital world. We have always had a culture of investing in the latest technology: we are ready to integrate future technological advancements into our work and add that value to our client’s projects.